Aviation has the aesthetic purpose of connecting; it is a bridge that allows us to overcome the barriers of distance and opens the doors to a world of possibilities.

To appreciate the world from the air, to feel a little fear and emotion at the same time, to dream of achieving the impossible… all this and much more we enjoy those who fly onboard a plane.

However, not everything is pink when it comes to flying, and with this, we do not refer to the evil ones as flying is becoming much safer.

According to information from the Aviation Safety Network (ASN), 2017 was the safest year for civil Aviation, and the odds of air accidents continue well below traffic accidents, with the possibility of one in 2.4 million.

But if you visit an airport, you can hear terrible stories. Incredible and unfair cases that no traveler would want to experience.

Today we collect three spooky stories heard at airports. We recommend reading at your discretion.

  1. I should be at my wedding! How am I going to explain this to my girlfriend?

Everyone hopes that on their wedding day every detail will turn out as perfect as possible and being stuck in an airport a mile away when you’re about to get married can turn into a nightmare.

That’s how it happened to Fernando, who had evil plans for his wedding day.

-Quiet love, already very soon I will be flying up there. Everything will be perfect in our day.

This was the last thing he told his fiancée before the airline announced a delay of at least three hours due to maintenance work.

A bride who stayed waiting at the altar. Big argument. Tearful. A ruined wedding, this is all that happened to Fernando in the head while he was listening to the disturbing news.

Some say Fernando toured the entire airport in search of an airline with a nearby flight he could board. Others say he still roams the airport with profound sadness over that wedding ruined by an airline delay.

We certainly don’t know the end of Fernando’s story and his wedding, but if there’s one thing we know, it’s that no one deserves to be so concerned on such an important day.

  1. I want my bikinis back!

Striving to lose weight and wear a fantastic body all year round should be rewarded with a beach visit and beautiful brand new bikinis.

So Anna thought, and when summer came, she decided to reward herself with the holiday on the beach that she so longed for. Aruba was the chosen destination.

Everything went very well until it was time to go through your luggage. I waited for several hours until he was notified that his luggage had been lost and that so far they had not been able to locate it. They explained that maybe I’d have him back in about four days. Do you know how hard I tried to wear my favorite bikinis? This can’t be true!

After reclaiming the airline for what had happened, Ana resigned herself. The bitter episode discouraged her quite a bit. It was very uncomfortable to get to your vacation without your luggage and very disappointing to do it without your bikinis.

  1. Why should I leave the plane if I pay for my ticket?

Overbooking is a very unfair practice that is frequently seen at airports. This practice is that airlines market more seats for a flight than are available.

When boarding the plane, passengers realize the reality, there are more people than seats available, and some will inevitably have to disembark and wait for another flight.

Airlines usually ask volunteers to disembark the plane, but if no one offers these, they can proceed to pick passengers at random.

This time Juan was very excited, he was on his way to an important event in Miami where the most influential leaders in his business industry would meet, it was an excellent opportunity to make allies and create new opportunities.

At the time you board the plane, his excitement was fading. First, the airline announces that some passengers will have to leave the aircraft, but Juan remained calm, never thought he would be forced off.

He didn’t even pay attention to the whole debate that was held until he was pointed out to leave the plane.

What? Why should I leave the plane if I pay for my ticket?

Although it was very unfair, Juan could not refute, he was forced to leave the plane, and although he could get to his event, he missed an important part.

Flying itself and what it allows us to do is beautiful, but when we talk about congested airports, baggage strays, delays, overbooking, long waits; something so special can turn into a real nightmare.

Have you ever experienced a terrible experience at an airport?

Now that you know the most horrifying elements of the commercial industry, we invite you to trust us to make your most extraordinary trips, enjoying the security, comfort, quality, and attention we provide to all our customers.