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Recent Movie News: Upcoming Horror Movies

  • The recent movie Polaroid is coming on 17th of September which is based on the Goosebumps storybooks “say cheese and die”. The protagonist picks up a Polaroid camera from an antique shop and starts clicking pictures of her school and the rest in the movie.
  • “Ready or not” is coming recent on 27th of September. The lead character Grace has been married into a rich and eccentric family who has a weird tradition in their family in which the newly wed is supposed to survive some deadly games.
  • Zombie land Trap is coming recent on 11th of October. Emma Stone will be seen as a leading character in the movie.
  • “Girl on the third floor” is being released recent on October 25th. The director of the movie claims to have shot the movie haunted with real ghosts. The movie stars ex-wrestler Philip Jack Brooks.

Top 10 Horror Movies Ever Made

  1. NIGHT OF THE LIVING DEAD: this movie came in 1968 where the zombies are seen to rule the land of humans and inspiration for many popular horror games.
  2. PSYCHO: this 1960 movie was directed by the great film director Alfred Hitchcock and he made sure that the audience reaches the theatre on time.
  3. HALLOWEEN: this 1978 movie begins with a scene where a 6 years old brother stabs a sister.
  4. SCREAM: this movie came in 1996 and is more recent than others. It was a combination of horror and Meta comedy.
  5. SUSPIRIA: the movie came in 1977 and had witches, murder and ballet as the central theme.
  6. ROSEMARY’S BABY: the movie came in 1968 and has an interesting story behind its making that has influenced many popular horror games.
  7. RINGU: this Japanese movie in the recent past in 1998 made a mark in the western film industry.
  8. THE SILENCE OF THE LAMBS: this 1991 movie is the only horror movie to bag five academy awards in the go.
  9. THE EXORCIST: this 1973 movie was the first horror movie to get a nomination in Oscar.
  10. THE HAUNTING: the 1963 movie shows the adventures of a paranormal activist shooting through haunted houses.

The Most Popular Horror Games

The Most Popular Horror Games Online

  1. Lone Survivor: this popular horror game in 2d revolves around the protagonist who survives himself from being eaten up by the creepy monsters and has to reach his apartment safe every night.
  2. F.E.A.R.: one of the most popular horror game which is also an fps game will give you the creeps when a scary little girl will be staring at you at the end of the hallway
  3. Condemned: Criminal Origins: this popular horror game begins with a murder mystery.
  4. Fatal Frame 2: Crimson Butterfly: this Japanese popular horror game shows two teenagers fighting against the ghosts with an ancient camera.
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Horror Movies Based on True Stories

  • The afflicted: the movie has a very disturbing plot that has been taken from the real-life story in which a husband has been murdered by her mentally unstable wife. And then one by one she traumatizes and kills all her children until one of them shoots her with a gun and later kills herself too.
  • The exorcism of Emily rose: this is a rather recent movie that came in 2005 where a young girl has been possessed by an evil spirit. The film is about the conflict between science and religion in which a lawyer is shown to prosecute against the pastor who tried to exorcise the possessed body in the age of medical science. The legal battle in the movie is a true story that happened in the late 90s in America. The plot served as an inspiration for many popular horror games.

The Best Horror Directors in Film History

  1. Wes Caven: this American film director and actor have the blockbuster movies like The Last House on the Left and more to his credit.
  2. John Carpenter: the most remarkable film made by this American director, actor, scriptwriter and composer was probably Halloween. However his film, the thing was equally critically acclaimed.
  3. Alfred Hitchcock: the history of cinema will remember him for his contribution to Psycho. It was a cult movie and brought horror into the popular genre. He is also known for other horror movies like The Birds etc. that made a mark in his glorious career.