Pics from Halloween!


Thanks to Ashlea Wessel for the awesome shots!
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Interview with Toronto Film Scene


Toronto Film Scene reached out to Alex West and I for an interview about gender and horror!
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13 Questions on The Death Rattle!


Just when I was starting to feel irrelevant, Aaron over at The Death Rattle validates my meagre existence with 13 interesting questions that I had to think about to answer!
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Festival of Fear 2014!


There are lots of awesome panels and offsite events at this year’s Rue Morgue Festival of Fear! Here’s a handy guide to where you’ll find me amidst the chaos.
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Regalia Dentata is on Etsy!

Jason Frame

Having sold a bunch of my handmade clay cameos on the merch table at The Black Museum, I decided to reopen my old Etsy store! What do you think?
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The Black Museum Presents: Carnival of Souls


Paul and I are so pleased to announce the launch of The Black Museum’s 2014 curriculum at our new home, the Royal Cinema! We’re kicking off on February 12th with a free screening of Carnival of Souls, and Paul and I are going to be announcing our first few lectures!
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An incredible Faculty of Horror painting!

Owen Patinging

These incredible paintings were sent to the Faculty of Horror podcast by our friend and loyal listener, the Demon of Des Moines, Owen Garth!
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The Black Museum Presents – Killer Portraits: Iconography of the Horror Film Poster


Through an examination of poster art from some of horror’s most revered, and not so revered films, a more complete portrait of horror, madness, and violence is born, one that is inextricably linked to the rise and fall of the Hollywood star system, the dissolution of the Hays Code in the late 1960s, and the rise of the Hollywood independent filmmakers of the 1970s and ’80s.

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The Black Museum Presents – Raising Hell: Ken Russell and the Unmaking of The Devils


This lecture will ask how can a movie by one of the most famous filmmakers in the world end up banned, edited, and ignored by the company that owns it?
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The Black Museum Presents – Ghosts in the Machine: The Evolution of Found Footage Horror


By examining Cannibal Holocaust, The Blair Witch Project, The Ring, REC, Paranormal Activity and The Last Exorcism, journalist and playwright Alexandra West will discuss how found footage horror grew from its grassroots origins to become a defining horror trope of a young millennium.
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The Black Museum Presents – Tourism in the 4th Dimension: Parallel Realities and Time Loops in Cinema


For this lecture, different theories of time travel will be presented and we will discuss two seminal papers on time travel – namely, David Lewis’ The Paradoxes of Time Travel and Theodore Sider’s Time Travel, Coincidences and Counterfactuals.
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The Black Museum Presents – Primate Panic: Bigfoot on Film 1967 – 1980


This lecture will look at Bigfoot’s evolution on screen throughout the 1970s as a creature of both mystery and fright in films including The Mysterious Monsters, Legend of Boggy Creek, The Capture of Bigfoot and Night of the Demon. This lecture accompanies a screening of creepy cryptozoological classic Sasquatch: The Legend of Bigfoot (1977).
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Recap of Blood in the Snow


Check out my article on the Blood in the Snow Canadian Horror Film Festival on Planet Fury!
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Last Call of Cthulhu: The Black Museum’s Semester-End Party


Come celebrate the successful end of the Black Museum’s initial run by raising a glass or two with the curators.
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Unearthed: A Cultural History of the Zombie


I’m happy to report that my lecture went very well last Thursday! I had the good fortune of a very bright and engaged audience, who stuck around after the talk for an excellent discussion.
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