The Dark Knight Rises

That was the second time this summer I’ve sat through a 2 and a half hour piece of overblown Hollywood crap, wishing to God it would just end already. The other was Prometheus, and both movies suffered the same hopeless flaw: they were both half-assed offerings from filmmakers who have done such great work in the past that fans will wait outside theatres with baited breath and rave about this new installment, happily ignoring the grievous travesty they’ve long awaited.

Part of the glory of the prior Dark Knight films were the wonderfully complex storylines that came together so seamlessly, they tied up loose ends you wouldn’t have even noticed, with a dark and complex antihero defeating incredibly sympathetic villains and even throwing in some nice moral messages about living in a corrupt and seemingly hopeless metropolis. From Bane’s muffled Sean Connery impression to Catwoman’s shallow petty thievery, the villains were as devoid of charisma as the title character and brilliant performances from Gary Oldman and newcomer to the series Joseph Gordon-Levitt couldn’t save this film.

Too cheesy and disappointing to be forgettable, I regret that the Dark Knight trilogy must end on this note but on the other hand, I’m just grateful it’s over.

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