Lollipop Chainsaw Party with Rue Morgue’s Ronnie Mick!

Last weekend I attended the pre-launch party for Lollipop Chainsaw at EB Games in Toronto. This Buffy-the-Zombie-Slayer style game kicked off with a zombie-filled gathering on Sunday afternoon and Rue Morgue’s Ron McKenzie was kind enough to let me tag along.

Pkew-pkew-pkew! Photo by Ron McKenzie

I played the game for a minute or so… it was ok. But the real attraction was the opportunity to pose for this pic with special guest, George A. Romero! Cosplay queen Jessica Nigri was also in attendance, dressed as the game’s main character Juliet Starling. Does this cheerleader make me look fat? Don’t answer that.

Photo by Ron McKenzie

“Hi George! Remember me? I’m one of your 4573 fans who wrote on your movies! What’s that? You have 346 other people to greet at this event? Oh… ok. Smile!”

Check out Ron’s writeup on the Rue Morgue blog!

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