Rewatchability Podcast – The Faculty

First off, I had no idea that Robert Rodriguez directed the 1998 teen sci-fi The Faculty. Not that Rodriguez can do no wrong (witness the atrocious Machete) but her is a big deal in horror these days and I had forgotten about the movie entirely until my friend and horror-blogger extraordinaire Alexandra West sent me a link to her recent guest appearance on the podcast Rewatchability discussing the film. On the whole, the movie is rather forgettable (and as the podcasters ascertain, not very re-watchable) but their insightful retrospective analysis reminds me that it holds a discussion-worthy place in the genre for it’s attempt at blending 90s teen-horror with the self-refential themes introduced in Scream. The attempt was thwarted by poor characterization and cringe-inducing story holes but for all it did wrong it did a thing or two right… namely John Stewart and Robert Patrick.

Check out their thoughtful and entertaining chat at, and be sure to visit Alex’s blog Scare Tactic for more of her excellent horror reviews and musings (reviewsings?)


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