I remember horror movies…

Between November 2011 and February 2012, I wrote a chapter for two academic books on horror. Each chapter was about 15 – 20 pages long, and before you say “well, that’s not many!” I’ll remind you that the time I was able to spend working on these papers was scraped between an office 9 – 5, a competitive roller derby team, a bartending job on the side, and a superfun brain injury.

I love writing but the papers were tough, and because they dominated my leisure time I fell behind on what was hip and happening in horror. I only saw one movie in January (Hellraiser), and I saw it about 7 or 8 times. Now that the papers are reviewed, revised and submitted, I have devoted my still-meager spare time to catching up on laundry, catching up with friends and just catching up with life in general. And yes, I’m so happy to report: that includes catching up with movies!

So here’s my list for the soon-to-be-seen flicks for the immediate future. Please feel free to add to it if something came out recently that warrants my attention!

Melancholia, Lars Von Trier 2011 – I’ve heard the ravings. I’ve heard it lauded as possibly the best horror film of 2011. Here’s the thing: the trailer really sucks.  I sat down to watch the movie with a friend and we decided to check out the trailer first and both promptly changed our minds. I know trailers can be deceiving, particularly when it comes to horror, but I’m going to need to hear a few fresh ravings before I give this one a precious evening. 



Fright Night, Fred Gillespie 2011 – I keep hearing Colin Ferrell is in it and that it’s not bad, which I have a really hard time getting my head around. Plus, it’s a remake of an 80s gem, which never bodes well at all. BUT I have seen a clip of the movie that suggests the newfangled Peter Vincent has been reimagined as a Criss Angel-esque leather-clad gothy dude… sounds like a potential guilty pleasure.




Cabin in the Woods, Drew Goodard 2011 – I watched the entire series of Buffy the Vampire Slayer beginning to end this past year, and I’m about a hair away from getting Joss Whedon’s name tattooed across my chest. That series is so incredibly special that I would blindly see this movie (which Whedon co-wrote and produced) without hesitation, which is terribly atypical for me. This one isn’t out yet which presents something of a challenge for me (See a movie in the theatre? What’s a date?) but I am very eager to check this one out next month.


Monster Brawl, 2011 – The premise of this movie is too appealing for me to ignore, and it even trumps my general distain of the crap-crop of horror-comedy hybrids that have invaded Hollywood. When I tell people I wrote on zombies and they say something about Shaun of the Dead, I die a little inside. But I digress… monsters fighting! Yes please! I missed this screening at the Toronto After Dark festival last year but it’s been on my mind ever since! 


Anything else I should have on my radar? Do share!

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  1. Alex says:

    Melancholia fo sho!! It was my favourite film of last year. I’d love to hear what you thought about The Woman in Black and maybe some Ti West movies… I feel like I’m in the minority about them.

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