R.I.P. Rue Morgue Radio (2004-2012)

It is with a heavy heart that I bid adieu to Rue Morgue Radio, who is currently airing her final transmission.

This weekly show has been welcome pollution to my ears on drab weekdays in the office for a long time and I’m sad to bid it farewell. Rue Morgue Radio is responsible for my discovery of most of the bands currently circulating on my iPod, and the hilarious banter of the Caustic Critics has been known to make me roar laughter from my cubicle (my coworkers thinking I’m insane can only a bonus)

I was even featured in one of their printed ads last summer.

The good news is this isn’t the last we’ll hear from Stuart Feedback Andrews who is keeping the Rue Morgue Podcast alive and kicking as well as his other aural assault of a show, Cinephobia Radio. Tomb Dragomir can be followed via his YouTube series Tomb TV, and there is sure to be many good things in store for us from the Blood Spattered Bride (aka Liisa Ladouceur) who left the party just last December.

So rest in peace, Rue Morgue Radio! You will be missed. May your page of past episodes live on forever.

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