Cinemacabre: Slumber Party Massacre

Rue Morgue Magazine presents
Amy Holden Jones’
Thursday, February 16th @ 9:30pm 
Toronto Underground Cinema
186 Spadina Ave – Toronto
In celebration of Women In Horror Month, Rue Morgue goes back to the bloody ‘80s for Amy Holden Jones’ classic splat flick SLUMBER PARTY MASSACRE! Written by acclaimed feminist author Rita Mae Brown, the film both follows the rules of the subgenre and parodies them as a killer with a huge, phallic drill stalks a group of nubile young women having a sleepover. Produced by Roger Corman, SLUMBER PARTY MASSACRE delivers the requisite blood and breasts, but with a distinctly female take. Join us for a rare 35mm screening, followed by a discussion of the film with director Amy Holden Jones via Skype.
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