Holiday crafts!

Check out these sassy little black-and-leopard velvet xmas ornaments I made for my teammates on the Gore-Gore Rollergirls!

These ornaments are deceptively simple to make and the results are so impressive. Believe it or not, they do not require any sewing at all and you can get most of the supplies at your local dollar store.

Here is the video tutorial that taught me how to make them:

For mine, I put a silver seed bead and a large sequin on the pins before pushing them into the ends to create a more finished look. I also cut holly-shaped leaves out of green felt and wrote “Gores ’11” on them in gold marker pen, attaching them to the top! The team was stoked and I’m happy to have such a sweet souvenir of my first xmas as a Gore!

Happy crafting everyone!

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