Needful things (#1)

I don’t covet much, but every now and then my inner materialist zombie wells up inside of me and I¬†mindlessly roam the Monroeville mall of the internet. When I see needful things, I won’t stop thinking about the object in question until it’s mine. It happens to the best of us.

The latest:

This doesn’t even seem fair. How did I just happen upon these while looking for something completely unrelated? How did I not know about the perfect marriage of my favorite footwear with my favorite… bone structure? I almost don’t deserve to have these. They disgust me with their perfection.

Kitchenware was once safe from my covetous gaze. Then I found this weird Finnish bat-latte set, complete with sugar bowl, mug, espresso cup and ?!? (The website refers to it as a “dome”, but what it’s for is beyond me)

My Bon Jovi-licensed pajama pants that I got for $10 at Winners and that I LIVE IN have gotten so threadbare in the butt that I can barely even justify wearing them anymore. I did not expect to find these amazing one-piece zombie pajamas by Too Fast clothing.

I didn’t think I would ever find a pair of pajamas I wanted more. Then I scrolled down:

They’re sold out everywhere I’ve looked, so I’ll keep an eye out for restocking. Some girls coo over handbags. I’ll take screenprinted bones over Luis Vuitton any day!



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