Derby for dummies (or just n00bs)

It’s almost game day! This Saturday my team takes on Guelph for what’s sure to be our toughest game yet! The DVAS have been training hard (as my bruised backside can attest) and we’re going to put up a hella fight!

I have a small cheering section coming to the game so I thought I’d take the opportunity to post some resources on roller derby: how it’s played and how to follow it. It’s not an easy sport to follow (even for players) because there is a lot going on, and apart from the big hits that send girls sprawling, it’s easy to miss things.

Here is an video made by the Hammer City Rollergirls league with an excellent description of the basic game and rules

…and here’s another one made by the Gem City Rollergirls.

If you want a more in-depth understanding of plays and strategies, check out this article from the Seattle Roller Derby Examiner. It goes deeper than the understanding of the average derby fan (or even the average player), but it’s good stuff to have in your head for the next time you’re watching a bout!

See you this Saturday, trackside!

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