back from the dead

After months of complete negligence and expired etsy listings, undeadclothing is in need of resurrection.

The first step, as always, is admitting that you have a problem. Undeadclothingco was essentially dead; I had given up. It just wasn’t selling the way it did back in the Basement Artists days in Ottawa. I remember having to pack up my table because I actually sold out! In Toronto, I encountered pricing issues with consignment stores that made me jack my prices way up just to make having my products there worthwhile. Craft sales were lacklustre and usually a waste of time. Between primary work (market research), secondary work (bartending), tertiary work (writing) and roller derby (sometimes seems like a 4th job), I seem to have less and less time to throw on a DVD and spend an evening hunched over my sewing machine.

 The funny thing is, I find I’m missing it. There is a certain satisfaction that comes with creating things with your hands and it’s not an achievement you can unlock on your xbox (if it was, I would have pwnt it by now).

Among the most glorious things the internet can offer is inspiration. Next time you find yourself hurting for ways to nurture your crafty side, check out some of these sites:

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