D-VAS FTW, 71 – 38

The day after the bout is one of discovery.

First of all, the dicovery of bumps and bruises sustained in the pack. I felt that I had sustained a hit to my left shoulder midway through the second half of the game, and by the time CN Power took the track my shoulder was aching enough to be distracting. I have not yet sustained a serious injury from playing roller derby (knock on wood) so I wondered if this was it. It certainly didn’t feel dislocated or anything but moving it hurt and felt crunchy somehow. Miraculously, it’s 100% fine today. It must be the healing properties in Jack & diet Coke.

I’ve got scratches from the Velcro on our wrist and elbow pads and a nice little bruise on the knuckle of the middle finder of my right hand. I have to admit that hands and fingers are among my most feared derby injuries. I broke the index finger of my right hand snowboarding when I was a teenager, and I remember how the injury complicated everything I did, from writing with a pen to playing video games. In roller derby, the fingers are somewhat unprotected and while we are taught to keep our hands in fists at all times, when you fall and have to pick yourself back up ASAP it is intuitive to plant your hand on the track with your fingers splayed for balance. All it takes is one wheel from someone’s skate to roll over that finger and crack! Say goodbye to Fallout 3 for a few weeks!

The other thing a derby player will discover in the days following her bout is… her bout. I can’t say I really remember much about it right now, but photos and videos are going to start popping up on Facebook and I anticipate moments of “Oh yeah! That was great!”. I have to say, I’m looking forward to it!

Congratulations to my wonderful team who worked very hard and deserve every inch of last night’s victory! Big fuzzy thanks to all the fans, our terrific bench managers and Sister Slag for coming all the way from Sudbury to rough us D-VAS up! Looking forward to the rematch this summer!

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