it could happen to YOU!

I’ve been seeing late-night TV commercials advertising a free weekend promotion at I actually considered checking it out for a split second before I recognized that I am not actually prepared to abandon my superficial, materialistic standards (wearers of Ed Hardy: need not apply) for a “real connection”. Not yet. Talk to me when I’m 35.

I know not one, but two people who have found ads posted for themselves on Craigslist Toronto’s “missed connections”. TWO. Both are attractive, outgoing people who have no difficulty picking up girls the old-fashioned way (“old-fashioned way” meaning face-to-face. That’s old fashioned now) but they were both compelled to contact the anonymous posters who recounted the circumstances of their meeting on the internet for all to see; one at a bar and the other at their place of work.

Spring is indeed in the air but if you find yourself lonely from time to time, why not check out Toronto’s missed connections and look up your favorite bus stop, coffee shop, gym or office building. You may have caught someone’s attention.

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