Wilma the dog

I had a doggee. Her name was Wilma and she was just a year old.

Boy, she’s cute! Here’s one of her on my bed, just to fully demonstrate her tininess…

She weighs NOTHING.

I loved having Wilma for 3 weeks but when her mommy came to get her I was ready to let her go. I knew dogs were a lot of work, and for the most part I took her for walks in -10 degree weather or at 6:30am without complaint. What I miss most is coming home from work at 5:30 and seeing her absolutely delighted to see me. Sure, she’s stoked because she’s going to walk, get fed, get treats, etc, but it’s still nice to have someone so stoked to see you.

There will be a dog in my future, no doubt, but he/she will arrive when I have several things that I currently don’t.

In other news (and not entirely unrelated),

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