On Aug 3rd, the Heartless Bastards opened up for the Decemberists

Between songs, the singer said something to the effect that she was happy to be touring with the Decemberists and some guy in the crowd yelled out “They should be opening for you!”. She’s obviously not allowed to publicly agree but I sure did. Not that the Decemberists aren’t a good band; I just hate how underrated the Heartless Bastards are.

If you’ve never heard of them, you’re missing out; their set choked me up more than once. I’ve often felt that if my heart could sing, its voice would sound just like hers.

In other news, I spent last weekend working the SBC booth at Wakestock 2009 in Collingwood. It was one of those situations where meeting tons of interesting/attractive people left and right makes one very introspective in that they must field such questions as “What do you do?”. I obviously hate that question because I currently do nothing. I was comfortable as a grad student to readily admit that I was a grad student because the conversation would necessarily lead to my thesis topic, which is an excellent ice-breaker. However, I have never found the term “funemployed” to be particularly funny, and I had a challenging time trying to glorify being between jobs in a new city.

I guess the flipside to this is the slim chance that I might meet someone who just happens to be looking to hire a sociologist who specializes in horror film and culture? You never know.

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