remember knitting?

I found a webring for knitting blogs in the GTA and I’ve been perusing it for a few hours (oops, I mean minutes. I’m not a psycho, I swear). I remember when I started this blog, meaning for it to be a knitting blog with some personal content. Then it became a blog about school-related rantings, life-related gripings and occasionally, knitting-related braggings.

I haven’t knit-bragged for a long time, and not because I haven’t produced anything bragworthy. Could it be that I’ve lost the compulsion to share my precious FOs with the blogosphere? Or could it be that I’ve lost the readership to even bother updating this blog more often than once in an FO?

At any rate, my needles are currently being occupied by a pair of penguin mittens for my friend and former coworker Raelyn. A penguin enthusiast (apparently such things exist), she collects everything and anything remotely penguin-related. When she saw my adaptation of the alligator mitts into sandworm mitts), she asked if I could produce penguin mittens. I told her I could, but that she’s have to be patient; I was working 2 jobs at the time and preparing for the move to Toronto. She agreed to accept the mitts well beyond mitt-season, and lo and behold I’m finally working on them.

The problem with the mittens I initially designed was that I wanted the wristband ribbing portion to be black with white on the inside of the wrist. Think black penguin with white belly, right? The thing is, changing colors when you’re knitting in the round on dpns is a bitch. A real bitch. You can’t use intarsia because you leave the working end on the wrong side of the color block, so you can’t use that end again. Get it? Even if you don’t, you can see the complexity of the problem. I was stumped. As such, I have had to make the wristband and heel-of-hand portion all in black, saving the white underbelly for the lower jaw portion (which is knit flat- no problemo).

All this to say that I’ll have your mittens to you someday, Raelyn. And on that day, I will blog. And brag.

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