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The move to Toronto went about as smoothly as a move could ever go, in my experience. The only glitch was Uhaul; I booked it weeks in advance but they made me pick it up in Carleton Place. Carleton Place is not close, it’s not convenient. Hell, it isn’t even in Ottawa! I was pretty grumpy that we had to drive out of town to get the truck into town to then move out of town. Outrageous.

Apart from what a pain that was (and what a pain it was to move sick. Did I mention I had a cold?) once we got to Toronto things went better. I had helping hands waiting for me so we got my stuff in my apartment and had time to spare to use the truck to move my roommate in, too. It was scary to move into an apartment I’d never seen before but I LOVE IT. It’s a very new townhouse complex. I haven’t lived somewhere “new” in quite a while (all working fixtures, adequate amount of electrical sockets, laundry? DISHWASHER?? WHAT?!?) and there are security guards everywhere so I don’t have to be nervous walking home in the Big Smoke. In addition, we have a terrace that we’ve recently furnished with an awesome patio set.

Being unemployed upon arrival gave me plenty of time to settle in, and as soon as I had my room set up I hit Queen St with a stack of resumes. Sure enough, 48 hours in the city and I had a bartending job. Nocturne, located at 555 Queen St W, is a very cool little joint. I was lucky to be resume-ing when I was, because the bar used to be called Savage Garden and had just been reopened under new management – a perfect time to come aboard. Nights were slow in the beginning but have picked up substantially in recent weeks. We have some really exciting shows coming up, including a Japanese pop night tonight and a burlesque show later this month!

Another spot I found to be lucrative is The Fashion District, located at 550 Queen St W (both Nocturne and TFD are about 5 minutes from my apartment, PS). Similar to The Workshop in Ottawa, The Fashion District is packed with handmade goodness from over 20 local designers. In addition, the store is a co-op, so every designers works a shift in the store to help promote one another. Most designers rent a gable or two but my stuff takes such little space so I’m just selling on consignment.

As happy as I am to be working at Nocturne a few nights a week and have stuff at The Fashion District, I obviously still need a full-time job. It took forever to get my internet set up at home (Thanks again Bell, for being sooo user-friendly) but now that I do, I’m hoping to find something full-time very soon. My consignment spot at TFD is good for boredom because it’s something I can spend my free days working on, but it has stiff competition for my free time; free cable, a new vampire novel series, my friend Ian’s Xbox 360.

Overall, I like Toronto if though I can’t afford to go out and appreciate it as much as I’d like. Soon, though. Soon, I think I oculd be happy here.

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