“I’m hellbat,”

For weeks, coworkers, friends and strangers have delighted in informing me that they “saw me on the news!!”. See for yourself;

In other news, the bus strike is over, just when I was starting to accept the inconvenience.
Wilde’s latest;

Seriously, I have yet to meet anyone who actually thinks this is even mildly funny or appropriate. I hope bus drivers refuse to stop in front of there.

Ottawa, please don’t hate on the drivers when you take the bus next week. Many of them are probably psychologically prepared for some glares and unkind words. Surprise them with a smile. And remember that one day your employers might try to fuck you over, and you’ll be grateful to your union for having some recourse to fuck them right back.

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2 Responses to “I’m hellbat,”

  1. Hannah says:

    New here.:) I’ve seen that picture of Wilde’s before and thought it was funny. Many of the drivers and especially their troll union leader deserve that kind of treatment for putting Ottawa through this B.S, particularly the elderly and students, who have no way of getting around. The drivers who didn’t want to strike over this petty scheduling issue don’t deserve the hate that is to come, but the rest of them, uh, yeah!

  2. XUP says:

    That photo made all the email rounds a couple of weeks ago and was posted on several blogs. I don’t agree with abusing the bus drivers either, but like Hannah said, a lot of them don’t deserve our sympathy or kindness either. I’ve been through hell the last couple of months because of them

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