Speaking of selfishness…

Ahh, Wilde’s…

Never failing to stun me with your insensitivity. Especially when one considers the nature of your business. Call the kettle black much?

I am not posting to defend one side or the other of the current OC Transpo strike that is currently devastating the city of Ottawa. Though I’m usually a union supporter, and have supported striking as a legitimate negotiating tactic, I am extremely inconvenienced at OC Transpo’s decision to strike. I have been walking 45 mins in the snow to reach my place of work, and have put off doing groceries and christmas shopping to an extent that troubles me. That being said, I would request the people educate themselves on the situation before spitting on picketers and putting shithead ignoramus signs up in their windows.


If you’re not interested in the nitty-gritty of the dispute, bear in mind that it’s about scheduling and sick leave. Do you want your bus drivers working when they’re ill or overworked?

Guess i’ll be buying my dildos elsewhere.

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