I’ve been spotted

It’s happened once before, I guess I should get used to it. Last time, someone recognized me from a teeny tiny photo of me in my blog profile. I’ve since replaced that one with a cute pinup zombie girl, but I often forget that my blog links to my page which features a HUGE photo of me. Sitting here in my room, the blogosphere is so vast and abstract; it’s hard to imagine an actual person sitting at their computer and reading this.

Don’t get me wrong, I certainly don’t mind being sighted! Yesterday I was complimented on my writing, which was tremendously flattering. My supervisor would have a bird if he saw all the gratuitous semicolons in each and every blog entry, but he won’t (probably).

For your interest, both my blog and undeadclothing.ca employ google analytics code to give me some rudimentary information as to who is visiting, when, and from whence. Don’t worry; I’m not stalking you or stealing your identities. All I get is is how many visitors, what time of day, and how they found the site. That’s all. This blog sees about 8 visitors per day, on the average. There are peaks after Basement Artist shows because I am able to distribute business cards among a demographic that may or may not blog-browse. I always assume that there are 5-6 “core” readers who bookmark my blog and return (my roommate, my boyfriend, my sister, and fellow Ottawa bloggers) and then a handful of randoms. Maybe not so?

Lurking reader, say hello! The cute girl with the awesome purple-streaked bangs who spotted me at work yesterday can attest that I don’t bite. If anything, I’ll giggle incredulously at being sighted and complimented. Thanks again!

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3 Responses to I’ve been spotted

  1. A. & J. says:

    I’m not a lurker, just a fan.

    Hope all is well with you 🙂

  2. xup says:

    You should have a lot more readers than that, surely? You need to get out and meet people and let them know about your awesomeness. Find blogs, speak.

  3. lisa says:

    your boyfriend?!?! hello?

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