Everyone has that one booze they steer clear of. I commonly hear “I can’t drink gin/tequila, it makes me fight/black out.” Jack Daniels is my kryptonite, and we had a good tangle last night. This morning, the evidence shows that I fell off my skateboard and scraped my hip something fierce, but still managed to take my contacts out. I’ll have to let my friends fill in the rest of the evening.

I do remember that the bar was showing the entire Back to the Future series on a monitor above the bar. I recall noticing the credit “Billy Zane” in the first two movies and asking anyone who would listen where Billy Zane appeared in the film. I figured he must have been one of Biff Tannen’s crew and wikipedia confirms it, but I couldn’t find his face in the film.

Back to bed for me. Tha hangover is coming, and with it fragments of memories of stupid conversations and embarassing slurrings and injuries as-of-yet unnoticed.

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  1. A. & J. says:

    I hate getting that morning hangover where your like “ugh, i can’t believe i said that” “omg! was i really dancing like that” feeling.

    Blacking out it no fun either. Although, I do seem to surprise myself that even though I don’t remember anything after a certain point, I can still manage to change myself into pjs, take my contacts out, brush my teeth and go to bed.

    😀 I’m so proud of myself sometimes

  2. XUP says:

    You’ve gotta live up to your blog name once in a while. It’s a rule, I think.

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