SO busy

Appointments. Derby demos at the ex. Thesis work. Work work. I will accomplish more this week than I have all summer, I think.

My glasses are in, and I’m very excited to pick them up tomorrow. My vision has gotten so bad over the past few years, I’m almost nervous to start being able to SEE again. I anticipate headaches, actually. I think I’ll discover that I see a lot of people I know on the street and I just never said hello before because I didn’t know it. Could this be the reason I’m so unpopular? I’ll say it is.

I have a new rule; no more promoting undeadclothingco until I have new stock and have revamped the website. At the ex yesterday I gave out my card to some potentially important contacts and it occurred to me today that my website is old, contains old stock that I’ve already sold, and looks like ass. I’ve been putting off working on it until I’m done my thesis which is fair enough, but I should put off sending people there until I’m sure they’ll be impressed.

Thesis defense date is still looking like September 10th at 2pm. I’m pleased this date falls on a Wednesday; my favorite night to go out in Ottawa. When I’m all done and defended I’m planning on taking a trip out to BC, after which I’ll start really looking for a new job. Workshop never contacted me for an interview, but I guess I’m supposed to follow-up, aren’t I? I suppose I was overconfident with my retail and craft experience… aesthetically, I don’t think I’m what they’re looking for. It makes me realize that I take certain aspects of Top of the World for granted; I can roll in wearing whatever I want. I can dress for comfort and style; I hear people talk about “work clothes” and “dress shoes” and having to have their shoulders covered and taking out facial piercings and whatnot.

As such, I have seriously considered staying put. The pay is good, the hours are flexible and I do so love the people I work with. It’s one of those things where I feel like I need a change, even though things aren’t bad the way they are. I may wind up doing what many former Top-staff have done before me and come back after finding that the greener pastures aren’t so green at all. At least I’ll have given it a shot.

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