So my ass-cheek bruise isn’t as impressive as I had hoped; there are two purplish lines forming horizontally across my inner-hip… it really looks like a bite. Not nearly as tough as a gnarly bruise. I thought of taking photos to chronicle it’s progression on here, but bite-marks on my ass might be a little too sensational for this here blog.

I heard back from one of my supervisors yesterday and am already knee-deep in revisions. At first I was mad; I had hoped my thesis would be out of my hands for the weekend, enabling me to party sans conscience. No such luck. But the good news is that I’ll have one supervisor’s revisions done by the time I get the other supervisor’s feedback. I got my film studies lashing, now I’m waiting on the sociology one.

I am kittensitting this weekend for a friend/colleague/neighbor of mine who takes on foster kitties from the humane society and is going to be away for a few days. I will be responsible for Geebee, a 7-week old kitten who is so named for her one green eye and one blue eye. I will also be resonsible for Missouri, who is twice the size of Geebee and is of rather nervous disposition. I am told he will hiss like a snake, but he’s all talk and is rather cuddly when you pick him up. I’m sure I will have photos of these two for you next week.

In other news, Ottawa Roller Derby will be showing off a fair bit this month. We are scheduled to operate a booth throughout the Ottawa Exhibition, and are doing demonstrations to raise awareness of the sport as well as to gather donations. Also, we will be trying to march as best we can in quads in the Ottawa Pride festival on Aug. 24th. I’ve never been to a Pride festival, so I’m doubly excited for the cultural event a well as an opportunity to skate in the street with the girls.

Back to thesis for me. Why won’t the mail come?

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