Sephora online charges ten bucks shipping and handling! Then they do the whole “free shipping for purchases over $50” type shit, and I’m totally buying into it. I’m going to buy more stuff to keep from getting ripped off, all for goddamn lip gloss.

I wish I didn’t have to buy online; I was so excited when the new store opened up in the mall and I could actually see and test the products. However, I have discovered that the testers are always in terrible shape. I was wanting to buy a plum eyeliner and I thought I saw one by Urban Decay I liked, but the tester was too jacked up for me to even get some on my hand. Weak. If I had been able to check it out, it might have contributed to my online order. I might go back to being an exclusive M-A-C consumer; service is inconsistent and prices are high, but the counters are always impeccable.

In other news, the Underpass was a lot more pleasant yesterday. I attribute this to 1) the fact that it didn’t piss rain all day long, 2) there were performers playing guitar, which fought boredom and 3) I had more than 4 hours sleep. I sold a shirt, but to a fellow artisan. Passersby were rather ambivalent and I really can’t blame them; my stock is tragically low as of late. Thesis work is coming in hard right now, and I have plans to go spend a few days at a cottage this week.
Undeadclothingco is going to have to snooze for a bit. I’m not sure I should commit to any more dates at the Underpass until I finalize my plans for August which will ideally be comprised of a finished thesis waiting to be defended, a new job and a little vacation… somewhere…

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