Two showings in one weekend!

My afternoon at the Underpass project was plagued by rain and the fact that I had seen the Dark Knight at midnight the night before; four hours sleep does not a perky vendor make. There wasn’t much traffic, due in part to the weather. I found it to be a pretty busy walkway where businesspersons were bustling through; no time to browse and no tourists. I did make a sale though, the very first wallet I had ever made. I’m eager to see what this Friday is like; I’m undecided as to whether or not to participate in the project in August.

The Basement Artists show was great. I was a bit grumpy at first because I had to miss a roller derby practice to set up at 5pm (an important RD practice too; we were going to vote on the team name and colors) but I’ve had such a busy past few days, I didn’t mind an afternoon off. The show was at Zaphods, and I really liked the location of my set-up. It was… cozy. No lights in my face, the music wasn’t too loud; I was infinately more comfortable than at the Babylon show. It’s nice to be able to chat with people looking at my stuff, to answer questions about how stuff is made or just to receive general compliments.

I sold a set of coasters and a zippered pouch, both to very enthusiastic-looking customers. There was another booth of leather vendors; some very gothic/medieval gauntlets, corsets and stuff. I fell in love with their blackish-red leather roses and bought one for a measly $10. I actually wanted to offer more, it’s so pretty.

And look how nice it looks on my dresser, with my black roses picture frame (which needs a photo in it, incidentally)

I love it. I should have bought a proper dozen.

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