Such good things; so little time to relish them

Good thing #1 –

I’ve been given the go-ahead to compose my conclusion. Glory hallelujah. This isn’t to say that when I’m done the conclusion I’ll be done my thesis; there’ll be tremendous revisions. When I reflect on all the various mind-states I’ve had over the past year, I can’t help but wonder how this paper will somehow flow together to make a cohesive argument.

I’ve been using bits and pieces of old papers to supplement my conclusion (I’m allowed to do that! I checked) and I was actually laughing out loud today at what one prof let me get away with. I have half a mind to email him about it. The paper I wrote for his seminar reads like… well, like a blog entry. I’m incredulous that it got me an A-.

Good thing #2 –

My application to be part of the Underpass project has been accepted! Undeadclothingco will be vending at the Underpass every Friday in July, starting the 11th. I’ll post more info as I get it (ie- where exactly in that area, and what times). The Underpass Project combined with the upcoming Basement Artists show on the 20th make for a very busy living dead girl.

Good thing #3 and onward –

Stuff is pretty good. I’m really digging being involved in roller derby and I’ve been in a happy place socially for the past while. I’m hoping my general contentedness manifests in my writing and sewing as it has with my mood and demeanor.

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