So I’m a bad update-er

but in my defense, I haven’t had consistent internet access for a long-ass time. It’s back now, having returned to normality the exact same time my roommate returned from Greece. Coincidence? I think not. I’m inclined to think our internet connection wasn’t down with all my facebook/blogging nonsense and missed Jenn’s diligent research online. In the same vein, my cold water pressure is back on. This is directly because Jenn is better at raising hell with the construction workers than i am, but again, I like to imagine the house prefers washing her clothes and dishes and body.

I have been steadily working toward the next show in July, trying out some new shapes and techniques. The findings and studs Jesse gave me are giving me ideas for straps; handbags and clutches with shoulder or wrist-straps. This turns a simple lined-zippered bag into a purse, which is infinately more useful (and more coveted in our accessory-obsessed culture nowadays).

I’ve also invested in some simple sewing patterns and pattern-drafting books and tools. I figure I should invest on making sturdy, reusable patterns of of a variety of sizes. It’s tedious cutting and tracing, but I think it’ll be infinately worth it in the long run. If I claim that undeadclothingco embraces alternate conceptions of beauty, I can’t continue making everything in my size. It wouldn’t be right.

Ever since the last Basement Artists show, I’ve kept a business log of profits and expenses… keeping receipts and making sure I’m “under budget” (my budget being the amount I made at the show). This probably isn’t the most orthodox method, but it’s a start. I bought the book Craft Inc by Meg Mateo Ilasco, which is all about how to turn your creative hobby into a business. From what i’ve read so far, the book runs the gamut between inspiring the hell out of me and making me want to run up to my office and sew all day, to scaring the shit out of me and making me want to throw out my sewing stuff so I’m not tempted by it anymore. All the legal jargon turns me off, and some of the accounting terms are way over my head; but I’m sure it’s good to have a reference like that on my shelf.

What else have I been up to? I dunno. ROLLER DERBY?! My latest obsession goes down two nights a week here in Ottawa. The Ottawa Bytown Blackhearts have been a league-sanctioned team for over a year now, and are looking to make another team so as to be able to scrimmage together in the city. My first practice was last Tuesday. Not only was it an introduction to the rules and logic of the sport, it was my first time EVER on roller skates. Now, I have experience with a variety of board-sports; skateboarding, snowboarding and wakeboarding. Being competent in these three engenders a kind of board-logic that sticks with you, and that you can apply to other board sports. I’ve never surfed, for example, but if I were to learn alongside someone who has never skated or shredded, I think I would have an advantage. Anyway, roller-skating (on quads; no inline here!) calls upon more of a wheel-logic than a board-logic for me; to control oneself on rollerskates, you have to understand how your weight and momentum can affect speed and direction. Sudden stopping and turning requires you to drag your wheels perpendicular to your direction, which is tricky to master. My penchant for loving the most dangerous/tedious/difficult things in life is surely what keeps me going to the practices.

I think I’m picking it up nicely. I’m able to stop pretty clean (usually), and my crossovers and sticky-skate are coming along nicely. I won’t bother explaining what these are; (if you’re really interested, look up roller derby on youtube. There are many well-made videos explaining the sport and outlining the physical skating skills necessary to join the league). I just mostly want to have a record on here about what I’m doing well and what I’m struggling with. That way, I can look back a month from now and be like “Aww! Crossovers and sticky-skate. Baby steps.” or something like that.

Anyway, that’s enough rambling on for today. It’s damn hot in Ottawa; drink lots of water and don’t forget the sunscreen!

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