The show went really well… as well as one’s first show could go, I suppose. I was almost immediately aware of things I’ll do differently next time (ie- one extension cord wasn’t enough to get my lamp where I wanted it, and lighting was a serious issue where my table was located). I sold 3 items, but pretty expensive items, and I saw many people take my card. I’m eager to see if/how the show changes the number of hits I get online.

Big, giant thank-you/shoutouts to everyone who came out, with honorable mentions of Lisa, Aron, Anna, Vanessa, Kim and Kevin. My sister Lisa and her boyfriend Aron have been an indespensible part of undeadclothingco from the very beginning; from it’s inception as an idea, Lisa’s encouragement and Aron’s business-sense have put me where I am now, especially with regard to the website and graphics. Anna, Vanessa and Kim hung out with me at my table and kept me from going totally nuts (even though I came close a few times). Anna helped me decorate my doggy-bags, replete with bat-winged hearts and the words “thank-you!” or “merci!”. Kevin snapped a bunch of shots of my display, which I’ll have up here and/or on my website shortly. This brief list of things people did for me doesn’t even cover the fact that their mere attendance meant a lot to me last night, as it did for everyone who bought their rather expensive tickets from me (including my parents, Kristina and Lizz). Hearts all ’round!

Now that the show is over and done with, I have to focus very seriously on my thesis. I received a rather ominous email from my supervisor the other day, which leads me to believe I have less time than I thought to complete a draft in time to defend this summer. Defending this summer is of such desperate importance… I can’t even articulate.

As such, June will be the official thesis month with sparse smatterings of fun every here and there. I have roller derby tryouts, some birthday parties and some pretty serious Top of the World parties to attend. I also have a vacation to plan, which appears to bleed into July at this point… we’ll see.

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