Things are shaping up nicely for the Saturday show. Kevin shot photos of everything I’ve made over the past week and a half; those pics should be up on my website by the end of this week. He photographed me as well, which was an interesting experience; I discovered that I’d rather sit in front of a gun than a camera. I felt absolutely rediculous sitting there trying to look nice with my buddy hovering over me. Any effort to look “natural” only made me feel sillier! Fortunately, Kevin was able to snap a shot of me glancing down to see if my toe tag was still on, and it turned out to be a really nice shot. I’m quite fond of it.

Yesterday I was literally dumped upon with a metric fuckload of leatherwork tools, findings, and whatever-else have you. I walked by my office today and gaped at it for a while. I believe I’ll have a creative cadiac arrest when I get over my intimidation and dive in.

My friend Ben commissioned me to knit something as a gift for his baby niece. The thing about hand-knitting stuff as gifts for non-knitters is that if it’s a plain piece, they may not appreciate the labor that goes into the item. As such, I try to find really different patterns to use so that they at least appreciate the uniqueness of the item, if not the fact that it’s handmade.

Behold! My ego captured and displayed in true airbrushed, pixelated form!

FYI- the toe tag reads

“Name: Living Dead Girl
Cause of Death: luck
Remarks: undeadclothingco; nurture your dark side”

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