DISCLAIMER: I’m very sick and couldn’t get rid of my shifts today and tomorrow; CRANKY.

Hear ye. “Stationary” is not the same as “note cards”. One is lined paper for letter-writing. The other is folded cardboard. Where on earth can I find some frigging STATIONARY?!

(Before any Ottawans suggest that I try The Papery, Paper Papier, or any of the art stores on Bank St – I have. Not only have I tried there without success, but I got some of the worst service EVER. Walking into the Papery and Papier Paper alike, I felt like Julia Roberts in Pretty Woman; as though this girl with headphones and a nosering or whatever has NO BUSINESS buying paper. Is my appearance really so offensive? Am I supposed to dress up nice to look fruitlessly for decent stationary? Why didn’t they have decent stationary?!?)

Even Etsy.com let me down. Searches for stationary yields notecards. Note to some entrepreneur; there is a market for lined paper. Make it happen!

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