I was going to do another schedule-organizing blog entry, and then I realized that this week looks a whole fuck of a lot like last week with some minor alterations; I work tonight, I don’t have to pick up the assignments, and it’s not Lidia’s bday again. Saturday night is a Top staff meeting and Sunday is Rex Manning Day!!

(Who is Rex Manning?)

Lizz has this idea that something bad always happens to her on her birthday, and that she can avoid this by celebrating Rex Manning Day on April 8th instead.

Immediately following her party I’m planning on starting a self-imposed limit of 2 drinks per evening out. It’s going to be difficult because I will actually feel like I’m wasting a bartender’s valuable time pouring me a wuss-ass diet coke. This decision stems from a retrospective account of a couple of noteworthy incidents of poor drunken behavior; pushing people down stairs, text messaging their girlfriends, ripping off their sleeves. I have gotten away with 2 of these 3 transgressions, so I think I’m pushing my luck. I get this pang of dread when a co-worker says they’ll join me for my Wednesday night tradition of going to the dom after work and they exclaim “I don’t think I ever drank with you before!”.

Maybe I’ll make a t-shirt: “I’m no fun when my fourth drink’s done”
“If you see me with beer, you’re advised to stand clear”
“Gin and tonic makes me demonic”

Suggestions welcome.

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