Miss Behavin’

SO busy. I suppose it can be expected that following a breakup I’ll fill my spare time as much as possible. It’s been working, I’ve been doing a lot of quality socializing with good people I haven’t seen in ages, but it’s taking it’s toll on my thesis. My school motivation is at all all-time low, and the fact that April is approaching so rapidly is somehow feeding my procrastination. I really wanted to be done before I moved, but now I’m so distracted by my move… frig.

I’m also trying to get undeadclothing.ca looking a little less… ghetto. Marcus told me he might have room for me in a Basement Artists show in May, which would be very good for me. I’d need 2 things; a bunch of stock to sell, and a decent website to refer to. As of now, I have neither of those things. Well, I have some stock, but I haven’t touched it in months for obvious reasons.

In other news… nope.

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