Majority rules! I’ll tinker with the color settings sometime when I have time (ie- not now; just got up for work at 8:30 but my body thinks it’s 7:30). 2 over 1 isn’t an overwhelming majority, but it was kinda bothering me as well. What use is a blog you don’t want to look at hung over?

I work the store for the next 4 days in a row! I mind and I don’t. I’ve been in such good spirits lately that I welcome the opportunity to interact with people, staff and customers alike. It’s a very social store… I’m going to miss it a lot when I leave.

“When I leave”. This this abstract future checkpoint I keep referring to in my head; some pivotal weekend in which I’ll move and get another job. It’s a pretty big life change, I think. I’ve always found moving to be upsetting, and I haven’t had a ‘new’ job in about… 5 years? The annoying thing is I keep putting off fun until that abstract checkpoint. “At checkpoint ‘x’, I will resume undeadclothingco”. “At checkpoint ‘x’, I will get my driver’s license.” “At checkpoint ‘x’, I will invest in an xbox 360.” Interesting that most of these ‘fun’ resolutions have to do with being done school, and nothing to do with new job or apartment. That being said, that’s probably where I should be focussing my efforts right now, and not socializing at the store. …oops?

Walking through the little shortcut between my parents’ house and Hunt Club road is essentially wading through crotch-high snow. If I had my leather here, I’d make sick snow gaiters; snowproof chaps.

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