Just got back from Toronto this morning! Strangely, my $130, 3-day tryst to the city was more refreshing and rejuvinating than my $1100+ vacation to Mexico. Again, this must be a state-of-mind affair.

I was damn busy in Toronto; I arrived in the late evening Sunday, exhausted, so we didn’t do much of anything that night. On Monday, Sarah had homework to do and i still wasn’t happy with the speech I was to present the following day. We worked for a while, then went shopping in the Kensington market.
(where I lost my horsefucking polarized Spy sunglasses. I didn’t buy anything, but I managed to LOSE something. Ass-bangles, all around)

THEN, my favorite part of my trip. As soon as I had booked the specifics of my travel, I randomly facebooked everyone I know who lives in the GTA and told them I’d be at Sneaky Dees on Monday night… I expected maybe a few people to stop by. To my continuing delight, I was greeted by many familiar faces from completely different branches of my life; someone from elementary school, graduate school, Top of the World, MEXICO, random internet guy…! Super fun. The fact that nobody knows each other but everyone knows me necessarily puts me in the center of attention, where I’m happiest. I had a great night.

That pleasant evening was capped off by the worst night’s sleep I’ve ever had. Sarah and Dave’s cats decided my sleeping body was a fun jungle-gym for overnight acrobatics. Good thing the conference was swimming in coffee. Coffee and Foucault and biopower and boring. The mind does wierd things when sufficiently bored for a sustained amount of time… I’ll elaborate on this point in person, upon request.

After the conference we went for Korean food with some more familiar Ottawa faces and played tetris until we passed out. I think I can say with certainty that I saw a good 80% of people I know in Toronto, which is pretty good for just 2 days plus conference! We had every intention of getting up super-early this morning to have breakfast out before I got on my 9:30 train, but the cats were good> so we slept well> so we didn’t want to get up. I didn’t have to sit next to anybody on the trainride home, so that was nice.

What did I do for the 5 hour ride?…. I know a certain pair of mittens that will be meeting happy hands pretty soon!

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