I have literally been sitting at my desk all day long. I got home from Liz’s at about 11:30, came up to work on my thesis… took a lot of breaks… watched 2 movies online… and here I am at 11:03pm.

Today I watched the Blair Witch Project in 7 parts on youtube. I had a nightmare the other night that ended with my former roommate staring vacantly in a corner while I screamed at her, and I woke up thinking about that movie. I remember seeing it in the theatre after all the hype had died down (ie- people didn’t think it was ‘real’ anymore). The movie didn’t scare me at the time, nor did it entertain me really, but I was definately too young. The power of that movie is to empathize with their growing panic and desperation. I’m not much of an outdoorsy person, so just the fact that they camped so much was enough to make my skin crawl.

The second, and far more substantial movie was called Zeitgeist and came to my attention by recommendation. I watched it in 3 parts on google video something-something. It’s one of those movies that ignites the mind but saddens the heart… you finish watching it with a sense of enlightenment and of thinking in a different way, but you’re pretty sure the knowledge has come with a price; that being your optimism/faith in humanity/will to live. It was such a pithy film that I actually took notes such that I can discuss it in detail with the fellow to recommended it to me. I look forward to that.

Third on my list yet most important in my life is that I finished revising the heavy theory chapter and it’s all printed out and waiting in my backpack to be delivered to the lion’s mouth tomorrow. My supervisor can have it all week to look over while I drink mojitos on the beach. And if he doesn’t like it, he can shove it up his ass (while I rewrite it).

At one point today, I went downstairs for a snack and actually verbally told my cat I’d snuggle with her later and watch TV. I did not. Think she’ll forgive me for some tuna?

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