long hard road out of hell

The trip:
We booked it. Puerto Villarta for 7 days, departing Feb 15th. We even found an all-inclusive, 4-star resort that accomodated 3 people in 2 double beds and a sofa bed. We called the agent, gave our credit card info and slept well that night… until today, that is. I get off work and there’s voicemail from Kim saying to call her and that it’s “important”. Fuck.
Apparently our payment transactions are “pending”, for whatever reason. Both of ours; Kim’s and mine. What the fuck for, I get to discover tomorrow, probably after being ‘on hold’ with Mastercard for 45 mins.

The thesis:
It’s ok. I was pleased at having “finished” that chapter, and I sent it off to some colleagues for proofreading. The feedback was excellent; probably better than my own pigheaded supervisor could provide. But they weren’t little change-a-word-here suggestions. They were go-back-to-the-library suggestions. So I did. I’m not complaining, either. Like I said, this is better help than I would expect from my supervisor, so I may as well do it and hand it in to him later. I hope to have it at him by reading week, at least.

See above.

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