Goddamn you, thesis. I hate you so much.

In other news,


No wait, that’s not true. I’m going to see the latest director’s cut of Bladerunner in an actual movie theatre tomorrow night! Well it’s the Bytowne, but it’s mostly a real-life theatre. I think it’s actually better than a modern-day cinema… but I might be confusing the interior with the Mayfair. I sure do love the Mayfair.

Then off to Collective Seen, maybe, or to Barrymore’s for some 80s action.

Speaking of Collective Seen, I’ve been making various social connections of behalf of undeadclothingco lately. Earlier this month I met a potential leather tool/findings contributor who has offered me all this stuff that I desperately need. Then yesterday I met a dude who puts on these events showcasing local artisans. Collective Seen is another such event, and it’s run by a friend of mine. It sucks to have these connections made and to not be able to really make use of them because of your stinking thesis and your stupid annoying life situation etc etc. I just hope these guys remember my name in the spring.

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