Birthday shenanigans

My birthday was the 17th, last Thursday. The living dead girl is now 26 years of age.

Having celebrated on my birthday for the past 26 years of my life, I’ve come to know certain “truths” about the 17th of January. One is that it’s cold; not just regular Ottawa winter cold, either. The 17th is usually among the coldest days of the winter. The kind of cold that would make any rational person want to stay home that night rather than party.

Which brings me to the next “truth” of Jan 17th. Being right after the holidays, people are generally broke-ass. As such, going out for drinks and paying for a cab home (because it’s so fucking cold; see above) are not terribly convenient.

Due to these “truths”, I’ve become very blaze about the whole birthday-party thing. Not that I don’t expect friends to remember my birthday and wish me well, but I don’t expect all my near and dear to be able to come out that night. As such, I framed this year’s festivities as a “notification of Andrea’s general whereabouts” and not an “invitation” per se. I simply planned where I’d be and when, and let people work with that as they may.

It worked beautifully. Some came for dinner, some came to Whisper’s house, some came to Barrymore’s. Some did all 3, some just 1 or 2. Some called and said they were staying in for x reason. I didn’t care. I had a marvellous time.

Noteworthy happenings, in no particular order:
– Anna’s car getting dented and scratched by a drunken shithead getting kicked out of Barrymore’s (“What a great parking spot!” “I know, eh?”)
– Lizz and I accidentally french-kissing
– Throwing myself at a couple making out on the dancefloor, resulting in their teeth smashing together (That’ll teach ’em)
– Being asked by L.J. to stamp hands at the door for a little while (still waiting on my paycheck, guys)
– Being told by Jody that he doesn’t want to hear my “sob stories” after I told him I just turned 26
– Justin bitching about something and Lizz telling him to “write a song about it”
– Going home from the bar sober at 2:30am.

Thanks to everyone who came out, especially miss Whisper for hosting my raucous ass!

xoxo to infinity

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