Well this is interesting,

I sign up my blog to be on this huge blog list and here’s what they send me:

“Hello living dead girl,

Your blog has not been added to the Blog Flux Directory. Due to the amount of submissions, we cannot explain the reasons for each. Most likely it is due to one of the following:
– blog is listed more than once in the directory
– site is not a blog
– blog is offline
– blog is new (must contain 5 posts and be at least 7 days old due to excessive spammers submitting).
– site contains nudity
– site is a shill site intended to simply promote products/affiliates
– site construes something illegal

If you believe your blog should be added, please contact us (be sure to mention what your blog URL is).

-Blog Flux Team”

Whatever the reason, that’s just fine with me. According to google analytics, people can simply search the terms “fuck dead girls” and find my site. Who needs blogflux?

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