Back to the grind…

I guess it’s official. I spend all afternoon yesterday reading Raymond Williams, and I will be spending the next couple of months on him as well. Behold the winter doldrums; where every day bleeds into the next and your life is defined by the random speckling of fun that happens in between.

I sound glum, but I do have several things to look forward to. Tonight I’m going to a birthday party! Sunday night my family is celebrating my birthday and then I’m going to a hockey game with Tom. Next Thursday, my actual birthday, involves dinner at Chez Lucien and then dancing/drinking ’till I drop/get carried out.

I’m also looking forward to my Spring break trip down south!! We’ve been talking about it for so long that I’d almost forgotten, but when I saw bikinis at Winner’s I got all excited again. I’ve booked off the dates, and I’m ready for sun!

It might sound cheesy, or even downright pathetic but I’m also looking forward to my life. I am really excited to defend this thesis and venture out into the world of non-studenthood. I used to tell people that I loved staying in school because it keeps me feeling young from lack of a “grown-up job”. I still don’t want a “grown-up job”, but I’m feeling OK about just becoming a grown-up. No more school, no thank-you.

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