2008; reflections and resolutions

In the past year, I’ve learned a lot about what happens when you adhere too stodgily to commitments and arrangements that aren’t necessarily in my best interest.
Learn to comunicate effectively and honestly with myself, especially with regard to things that make me happy, sad or angry.

Thesis work/depression has cost me much in the way of activity, both physical and social. Both these things have a way of perpetuating themselves… eg- the less you go the the gym, the less you feel like going.
Force myself to get out there. Go to the gym even if I’m lazy, go to the party even if I feel introverted/uninteresting.

The way you project yourself and the way others see you are one and the same; Kurt Vonnegut wrote “be careful what you pretend to be because you are what you pretend to be.”
Resolution: Practice transparency. If I don’t think people like/respect me, it’s probably because I’m not showing them a likeable and respectable person, which I know I am inside.

Less abstract/more concrete resolutions;
– exnay on the okingsmay
– ensure that I laugh every single day
– ensure that I do something creative every single day
– dance on a regular (perhaps weekly) basis
– stretch when I’m feeling overwhelmed/sad/stressed out
– investigate careers
– reach out to old friends I’ve lost touch with
– take walks for no reason
– do not repeat 2007

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