I was undecided about what to make for the staff xmas party, so I was wise to wait for inspiration. Today, my stash told me what to make.

I had forgotten about this BEAUTIFUL Patons Luxury yarn I found at a salvation army last spring. It’s a mohair blend, bulky weight, blackish/greyish. The color is called “starry night” or something like that. I found 4 brand new balls in a bag for 99 cents. It should have easily cost over 7 or 8 bucks a ball!

Bulky weight yarn is good for a quick gift, and the neutral color makes it very versatile. I found a pattern for crochet mitts on Ravelry, and I’m finally inspired! The trainride should fly by!

Today I got my ISIC card, ordered my transcripts and got as much rest as I could. I’m a little weak and headachy, but not sick in the traditional sense of the word. 5 hours on a train is pretty restful too, if you think about it. As long as I don’t have a cold; ie- as long as I’m not blowing my nose throughout my appointment with Dr. Forsyth! I’ll be ok.

My usual computer routine has a new venue; handmadeottawa.com! Over the holidays when I’m not so insanely busy, I’d like to cross-post many of my FOs from craftster to handmadeottawa.

J and A did a great job starting it up, and it’s exciting to be “on the front lines”, so to speak, and see it’s membership grow by the day! If you haven’t checked it out yet, do!

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