Compromised efficiency!

Wednesday morning. Still haven’t heard from my supervisor.

The bus #7 comes right from my neighborhood, through the market, all the way down bank and right into the Carleton campus. Convenient, right? Wrong. It takes forever. Bank st takes forever. Especially now, with that terrible detour due to the demolishing of that pub, it takes just over an hour for me to get to school.

I need to go. I need to pick up TA assignments and get myself an ISIC card so that my train ride to Toronto next week doesn’t cost a small fortune. Thing is, I’m waiting on hearing back from my supervisor. I was hoping to have a meeting with him the same day as I run these errands, thus killing not two, but three birds with one stone!

But he’s not getting back to me, so I’m going to have to bite my efficient tongue and ride that 7 all day. Blast!

I bought my transcripts from Ottawa U online yesterday. A nice $80 for 8 copies!! Frig! That costs about as much as each individual application! This application process is going to cost me a small fortune… good thing I’ve made most of my xmas gifts this year!

I trid to start working on a gift for my work xmas party last night, but I was… uninspired. I looked through all my hip knitting/crochet books (and I have a LOT!), and couldn’t find anything that really excited me. So I decided to make purple animal mittens because they’re such a hit in general, but I couldn’t seem to cast on. I wound up working on my other mittens instead.

Maybe I’ve made too many animal mittens and am just so sick of the pattern. Or, it is possible that I just don’t want to contribute the same handmade item tio this staff party that I did once before; even though that was about 2 or 3 years ago.

Luckily, my invite came in, so I have the luxury of being able to peruse their free patterns for something that inspires me. Their search engine is wonderful too; I can choose criteria like what it is (mittens, socks, etc), what weight yarn I’m using (worsted, bulky, etc), which method I prefer (knitting vs crochet) and whether or not I’m willing to pay for a pattern! Genious!

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