I get so rediculously excited when I have email! To come home to 14 new messages was a real treat today, even though it was mostly my school colleagues giving me feedback on my personal statement.

I had to work today in this absolutely redonkulous weather and I’m pretty glad to be home and warm… I think I’m going to take a bath and take it easy tonight. Tomorrow is schoolworkland…

1) go to campus to pick up the LAST OF THOSE TA ASSIGNMENTS FOR 2007! I’m glad, eben though I still have to mark their final exam, and I have to do it all over again in January.
2) read the feedback for my statement and revise it accordingly
3) get printer ink! Probably on my way home from 1)
4) gym
5) laundry
6) ok, now I’m just thinking out loud.

I hereby officially give myself the night off.

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