Setting the wheels in motion

My month is coming together now. I’ve heard back from all the profs I’ve contacted, and made travel plans to Toronto and Mtl next week. Having plans set in stone is really relieving stress I didn’t realize I had. I guess I was worried about fitting travel in between work, family, applications and thesis. Fortunately, those close to me understand how important these travel plans are.

Sunday Dec 9th I’m going to Toronto for one night. I have a meeting with a prof at York the next morning. I’m getting to stay with Sarah and Dave which makes me really happy and excited. I sprung for train tickets; I figure it’s worth it for 2 reasons. 1) I can knit/read on the train and I can’t seem to do that on the bus without getting bus-sick. 2) The train is less likely to be held up by terrible weather, which is all we’ve been getting lately around here.

I’m going to Mtl with my mom and dad (their parents live there from Dec 13th to the 14th. Yes, that means I have to miss crafting circle that week! It hurts. Especially since I was all like “Yeah, we’ll do the gift exchange on the 13th and we’ll have it at my house and it’s the perfect time and blah blah blah!” Oh beans. The next thursday is the 20th, and I hope that’s not cutting it too close for out-of-towners. Waiting till after xmas is not the biggest deal, but it’s a bit of a bummer.

The Let it Snow party last night was… alright. Last year, I “stopped by” the party after closing the store. I wasn’t in the mood to party at all, and I wound up getting hammered and having an amazing time. I guess I had high expectations for last night as a result. It was still fun, but not the shit-show it was last year. I’m glad too, because I have to work today and I remember being hung-over as hell last year.

Speaking of work, I better get going!

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