Yesterday started out sooo bad! Isic card, bus pass and ink cartridge purchases did not happen. I was so annoyed! Apparently you need 5687 pieces of proof that you’re a full-time Carleton student before they’ll give you an ISIC card. They don’t sell semeter bus passes until mid-December (at which time the mall will be mobbed) and Grand & Toy was out of my size cartridges!

When I work the cash at the store, I ask customers if this purchase is a gift or not. If they say ‘no’, I like to tease them for shopping for themselves at this time of year. Now I’m that guy! I bought some clothes at Neon for half off, a winter coat that I desperately need, and a very special sweater. I’m eager to premiere it at knitting circle this week.

Basically, all I accomplished yesterday was to spend about $500 on MYSELF (which, you’ll notice was NOT on my list!)!!

So today, I have to do all those things I didn’t do yesterday. It won’t be fun, but it’ll feel good to have done them. Then I’ll treat myself to popcorn and a movie when Tom goes to hockey! Good deal!

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