Those last few posts have reflected my stress levels and as a result, have been horribly boring. I’m still working diligently on my PhD applications, but I’m not going to lament about them here anymore.

Last night Tom and I went to a great hockey game; the sens vs the flyers. We lost 3-4, but it was a good game. The highlight of the game was when a young woman (late teens, maybe) caught a puck in the jaw. It was BRUTAL. I’ve been terrified of taking a puck in the face ever since Tom started taking me to games… our seats are in the second row, so we can easily see how hard and fast these fuckers fly. Tom would tell me that since we’re so close to the ice, there’s no way I could take a fast one in the head; at worst, a high-flying puck could bonk me on the crown.

Well, that’s not what happened to this chick. Immediately after getting hit, Tom waved over the attendant who took her away. She came back in the next period with a giant ice bag on her chin. The welt was already turning blue, and I bet it looks terrible today. What pissed me off was that the elderly couple sitting a few seats to her right tried to keep the puck! When the whole thing happened, Tom and I clearly saw the woman pick it up, inspect it for a sec, and put it in her purse. Then, when the injured girl was getting treated a manager-guy came and asked if anyone had seen where the puck went; he’d like to give it to her. Nobody gives it up. When the girl came back to her seat with the icebag, Tom and I glared at the woman till she gave it to her. Geez! Decency police!

I have a big task list for this upcoming weel, most of which has to do with my applications. I’m going to buy a student ISIC card for deals on VIArail service. I figure a last-minute trip to Toronto is not so bad if I’m able to knit/read in transit. I can’t do that stuff on the bus. Getting the ISIC card is kinda stupid though; I have to supply my own picture of myself, which they cut up and use for the ID portion of the card. Isn’t that rediculous? First of all, I haven’t seen an actual material photo of myself in years, they’re all digital now! According to facebook, I have over 200 photos of myself available to me. Now I have to pay to have one printed for this damn card. Stupido.

I have a vague shopping/movie date with Jen planned for this week too, which is good because I’m not done my xmas shopping yet. I haven’t got much more to do, but I’d like to buy handmade, so we’re going to go to the North Dalhousie boutiques! I love them.
One day they’ll meet undeadclothingco. I hope they get along!

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