Getting up early RULES.

At first, I was grumbling about how I had to go all the way to campus to pick up my assignments to correct in this frosty, freezy-rainy, shit weather but it turned out to be a rather lovely day. I got my assignments, did some groceries, did some laundry and washed my hair; and it’s only 2:41pm!

A certain sociology prof at Carleton really made my day today. I emailed him with the typical pleasant preamble; “Hi, how are you?” and then I asked for a brief meeting… I only slightly touched on the fact that I was poking around for a reference. Then he fully called me on it: he said he’d be happy to write me a “very strong” reference letter and I don’t need to see him in person. Well… Sweet! It made me happy that he was so amenable. It’s nice when profs you worship give you a little pat on the head. I had a little blushy smile about it all day.

Now; correct assignments.
Any day/afternoon time after that; thesis.
After dinner/nighttime; undeadclothingco. A certain someone’s zoomZOOM wallet is almost finished. Yes, that’s its official name: “zoomZOOM!!!” It’s funner to say than to type.

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